Wednesday, December 3, 2014

A Girl and her Dog Walks into a Blog.....

Hi blogging world!  My name is Jamie and along with my faithful K-9 companion, Libby we are bringing you A Girl and her Dog take on the World.  I am really excited about venturing into blogging.  In "Real Life" I'm ADD so my blog might be a bit ADD at times until I figure out what "direction" I really want to take.  Here are some things you should know about us.....

  • Jamie is very into losing weight and progressing on her lifts (I LOVE weight training!!) right now, so there will more than likely be 'Wellness' posts here on the blog.
  • Libby while very loveable is not always the brightest crayon in the box...she likes to eat them as well.
  • Jamie is a knitter.  I'll show you mine if you show me yours.
  • Libby loves her "tiny human's" (my nieces Kendall and Kaydence...there mommy says No though to pix on the net.)
  • Jamie has a nifty cool Nikon D3000 DSLR camera that needs some loving right now.
  • Libby is a Beagle/Miniature Australian Shepherd mix
  • Jamie is getting her feet wet in DIY stuff...If I can find a pin for a DIY Foam Roller I'm all over that BIOTCH.
  • Libby destroys anything shaped like a ball....this also includes center pull balls of yarn.
  • Jamie loves to have been warned.
  • Libby recently decided that she likes to ride in the car.
  • Jamie works 3rd shift stocking at Target.
We're pretty easy going gals.  So thanks for stopping by our blog and we hope you drop by again.  If you want you can even follow us.  It's all there in the side bar.

Have a great day!

Jamie & Libby

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